COBOL to Java Conversions

Move from a COBOL to Java runtime with ease using Veryant's migration tools.

Pathway to Java

Veryant allows for full stack conversion from existing COBOL products and into a Java enviroment.

Java Integration

Expose your COBOL applications to the Java world and gain access to new tools and plugins to add new power to your programs.

Web Enablement

Veryant allows for your existing COBOL applications to be deployed in a fully interactive HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript environment.


A complete range of Micro Focus® extend® replacement products, and 'acu-friendly' migration features. Veryant offers a seamless transition and stable path forward for ACUCOBOL-GT users.


Move from Micro Focus® COBOL platforms such as Micro Focus Server Express™ and Net Express® to a modern Java environment with Veryant.


With a rich number of features expressly developed for RM/COBOL® users, isCOBOL Evolve from Veryant offers a seamless and stable migration to a modern Java environment.

Globalization and Localization

Bringing Unicode support and multi-language localization features to COBOL makes it easy for your applications to be deployed on a global scale.

Vision for the Future

Veryant has over 500 customers worldwide and a strong commitment to long term growth and development. Give your applications a safe and stable future in a Veryant Java environment.

Multi Platform Capability

Make your COBOL applications run on any platform that the Java Virtual Machine is available on with a single compile.

ISAM File System

100% multi-platform and compact Java-based indexed sequential access file system supporting virtually unlimited file systems.

RDBMS Data Access

Use ESQL/JDBC to access any data source, and move from ISAM to RDBMS.

Database Bridge

Use Veryant's RAD tool to generate ESQL interface from COBOL file descriptors, and quickly move between ISAM and RDBMS without code changes.

JDBC/ODBC Data Access

Access ISAM files as if they were a relation database, and use ODBC/JDBC to access any supporting file system.


Add SQL power to your ISAM / COBOL applications.

Dedicated Application Server

Pick your choice of deployment with Veryant. Both local or distributed deployments are supported and take advantage of isCOBOL multi-threaded application server and load balancer.

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